Meet Shyla

Hey there! I am so glad that you are here! My name is Shyla and I am the Blogger + Designer behind Bedeckle.  Over these past several years of growing my business, I have uncovered a deep desire to encourage and inspire women to be creative in their everyday lives. I believe that we were created to create. Creativity looks differently for each of us. For you it might look like arranging beautiful flowers, creating fun lunches for your kids, or even moving furniture around to make a room more welcoming. When we create and pursue new interests – it brings us joy and fills our lives with meaningful beauty.  I want each of you here to find encouragement in your every day, contentment in each season you find yourself and freedom to create a home filled with meaningful beauty.

I am right there in the thick of it like most of you. I am currently a reluctant homeschooling mom 🙂 who’s husband travels internationally for work. I have also had my own business for 8 years and completely shifted the direction of my business to pursue my first love of hand lettering. I am so excited to see where this journey will take us.

So you’ll find a little bit of everything here…home decorating, crafting, organizing, and an occasional video post – (and the occasional run on sentence and grammatical error) in an effort to leave you all feeling encouraged and inspired to be creative in your everyday.

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