Dear Tired Momma

Dear tired Momma with little ones,

I see you.

I see you out there trying so hard to do the right things for your kids and feeling like you are getting little return on investment. I see you struggling to figure out how to manage all of the hats you have to wear.  I have been in the same bathroom – hiding from the same little fingers that are poking in from under the door wanting the last piece of me that I don’t know if I have the strength to give them – wanting only to finish the cup of coffee that I’ve reheated 4 times and it’s only 9am.

I see you,

  • Panicked Momma. Locked out of your car, in a snowstorm, with your kids buckled inside, and cell phone on the front seat.
  • Frustrated Momma. Unsure of whether or not to ditch your shopping cart in the middle of the store with your screaming child (or children if you’re lucky) or check out with all of the groceries you struggled to fill as you chased them around the aisles.
  • Worried Momma. Your sweet little one so sick and feeling helpless as you wait out the night.
  • Exhausted Momma. You’ve given of yourself all day long.
  • Hard Working Momma. Keeping your house clean is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. It seems impossible.

I get it girl. I have been where you are.


  • are tired
  • are covered in snot
  • have been pooped on
  • have been peed on
  • are late again
  • haven’t slept in weeks
  • haven’t slept in years
  • burned dinner
  • have a filthy house
  • have filthy kids
  • have a filthy car
  • had to get a van
  • have cheerios in every crevice of your life
  • you don’t remember what hot coffee tastes like
  • didn’t know your body could shift like that
  • you only listen to music with kids singing anymore


  • baby won’t nap
  • toddler threw a fit
  • jeans don’t fit
  • kids are sick
  • husband wants IT again – in the same week.


  • forgetting what it feels like to be you
  • wondering why parenting isn’t as glamorous as you thought
  • wishing it looked differently than it does
  • so, so very tired.

But – you are also so very:

  • strong
  • skilled
  • brave
  • hardworking
  • helpful
  • giving
  • loving
  • patient
  • kind
  • generous
  • caring
  • funny
  • beautiful
  • smart
  • loyal
  • sexy
  • needed
  • chosen
  • holy
  • dearly loved
  • compassionate
  • humble
  • gentle

I have only this to say. You are doing a great job. It may not feel or look like it to you, but you are. When your heart is overwhelmed – call to Jesus.  He will swiftly rescue you, keep your head above water, and keep you from drowning. In Colossians 3,  He calls you His child. He says that you are chosen, handpicked by Him! He says you are holy – made in His image! The Creator of the entire world, dearly loves you and chose you to be the mother to your sweet kids. Keep your eyes ahead and focused on Him. Don’t look from side to side at what the other moms have or what they are doing. You have been given the gift of your family and He is equipping you, and strengthening you to continue to be the Mom He created you to be.

Tell me – How have you been surprised by motherhood? Share with me the most terrifying thing (funny or scary! 🙂 That you’ve experienced as a mom so far.



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